Stacy's Dog Grooming
Now Affiliated With The Original Kennel of Kingwood

Don't Wait Until You Board Your Pet - Give Them the Joy of Their Beauty Treatment Now!

When you want your dog to look it's best, trust the professional groomers with Stacy's Dog Grooming - now affiliated with The Original Kennel of Kingwood. Stacy had a booming business in Roman Forest and came to us because her shop flooded during the hurricane. Stacy's team of groomers can handle all of your grooming needs with care, dedication, and professionalism.
  • Grooming and styling for all breeds
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Convenient appointment times

Other Pet Grooming Services We Offer

Have your dog Furminated! Reduce that pesky fur on everything in your house. The special Furminator shampoo loosens the undercoat and enables us to blow and brush it out better.

If you or your pet is sensitive to fragrances, we offer non-scented hypoallergenic shampoos. For pets with dry skin, we have skin conditioning Oatmeal Shampoos, both fragranced and hypoallergenic formulas. We offer all of our special shampoos at no additional cost.
Get quality service that comes with years of experience - make your grooming reservation online today or call:

We allow free tours of the kennel anytime. We have an open door policy.

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